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David Masefield

Director, Canvas Coworking Inc

David’s passion is for helping people at the earliest stages of new innovation when ideas are first forming.

David is the co-founder of Startup Toowoomba, and President of Canvas Coworking, Toowoomba’s premier Coworking space and an integral part of Queensland’s Hotdesq  Program.

As co-founder of the ‘World Drone Challenge’ David created, and facilitated the first ‘FUTURE DRONE' Innovation Challenge event held in Brisbane. David has a strong #Givefirst attitude with his Startup Weekend Community Leadership and global facilitator role with Techstars Community Programs.

David has a strong connection with the national Startup Ecosystem and plans to bring a major Innovation Centre to Toowoomba by 2021.

Session: What is Co-working, Incubation and Acceleration?